Confocal Scanner Box
Model CV1000
Type 3-Color Model 2-Color Model 1-Color Model Basic Model
Confocal Scanning Method Microlens Enhanced Dual Nipkpw Disk Scanning
Scanning Speed 1,500 5,000rpm (Max. 1,000fps(*1))
Excitation Laser Wavelength (nm) 405,488,561 488,561 488 488
Bright Field Imaging LED Transmission Option
Camera Type Back-illuminated EMCCD Cooled CCD Camera
Effective no. of pixels 512 512 1344 1024
XY-Stage High-Precision Auto-XY-Stage Designated Resolution :0.1m
Z Axis Control Motorized Z-Axis Control Designated Resolution :0.1m
Objective Lens Standard: X10, dry
Option: Up to 5 lenses could be added
Dry: X10, X20, X40,
Oil: X20,X40,X60 Water: X60
Stage Incubator(*2) High-Precision temperature Controllable Incubator
Temperature Range 3042?
(Room Temperature +5?<)
Designated Resolution: 0.1?
Humidity ControlForced humidification with a water bath unit.
CO2 :5%
Adequate Gas Bomb: CO2 Bomb
(CO2 Bomb is not included in the CV1000 system.)
External Dimension(mm) W538 x D817 x H530
Weight(kg) 85
External Dimension(mm) W319 x D368 x H518 W319 x D368 x H346
Weight(kg) 16 10
Control Software? Sets conditions for imaging, camera, time lapse, environments (*2), 3D imaging,map view acquisition, multi-color imaging (*3), and multi-point imaging. Functions include shading correction, image display, 3D display, image processing and movie generation.
Peripherals Controller Work Station, Display
Operation Temperature Range 15-35?
Operation Humidity Range 2070% RH (No condensation)
Power Consumption 100240 VAC/50,or 60Hz, 1500VA Max.

Pinhole changing unit
50m/25m Switching time : 2sec
Back-Illuminated EMCCD
Effective no. of pixels:10241024
For Single 35mm dish with Stage incubator ?2 ?4
For Triple 35mm dishes with Stage incubator?4
For Micro wellplate
For Slide glass ?5
(*1) fsp : frame per second Frame rate
Actual frame rate depends on the specification ofthe camera.
(*2) Option for basic model
(*3) CO2 gas cylinder not included with CV1000 system
(*4) When you use stage incubator, CO2 mixing unit is required
(*5) Option for 3-color model,2-color model and single-color model