Yokogawa CV1000™Applications and Images

High-speed multi-field imaging

  • Green: Vacuolar MEmbrane (Vam3-EGFP)

Changes in the shape of a vacuolar membrane during the germination process were continuously recorded. High-speed and multi-point time lapse imaging with the CV1000 allows accurate and high-resolution tracking of rapid changes in living organisms, something that has proven quite difficult with conventional imaging systems. By selecting the appropriate filter and pinhole size, thick samples and auto fluorescent plant cells can be clearly observed with the CV1000.

Chieko Saito, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, Live=cell Molecular Imaging research Team, Extreme Photonics Research Group,RIKEN

Imaging Condition
Total Time 14 Hours
Interval 1 minutes
Z-Sections/Stack 11 Sections
(1um apart)
Imaging Positions 6 fields
Excitation 488nm
Objective Lens 60x Oil