Yokogawa CV1000™Applications and Images

Wide-area imaging of primordial germ cells

  • Green: Membrane (EGFP)

The process to form colonies of EG cells(a kind of iPS cell)from primordial germ cells expressing GFP of 12.5 days embryo of TG mouse was imaged for a long-time at the whole area of a culture dish(625fields). As a result of 5 days imaging, colonies of EG cells were formed as frequently as was formed when the cells were cultured in a CO2 incubator. With he CV1000, you can record whole area quite at ease when you don't know where to find the target, and can discover what happened from the acquired data.

Yasuhisa Matsui, PhD, Cell Resource Center, Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer, Tohoku University.

Imaging Condition
Total Time 120 Hours
(5 days)
Z-Sections/Stack 3 Sections
(2um apart)
Imaging Positions 625 fields
(the whole are of culture dish)
Excitation 488nm
Objective Lens 10x Dry