Feature Benefit
Microlens enhanced dual Nipkow disc scanning
  • Fast real time confocal imaging with enhanced light efficiency and significantly low photo bleaching and photo toxicity exhibited in long-time live cell imaging
Dual pinhole sizes
  • Pinhole size optimized for low and high magnification
Automated high precision XYZ control with laser based autofocus
  • Rapid scanning of multi-format samples including, multi-well plates, chamber slides and Petri dishes maintaining accurate focal plane and reduced pixel shift during multi position imaging
Automated six position objective turret with magnification options (4x, 10x, 20x, 40x LD, 40x (oil), 60x (oil) )
  • Automated low magnification  scanning followed by high resolution scan of selected regions of interest
Stage incubator
  • Stable environmental control keeps specimens healthy for long periods.
EM CCD camera
  • Its ultra-high quantum efficiency makes it possible to capture images at very low laser power levels, significantly reducing photo damage.
Map view: Sample search function
  • X-Y map view images covering a wide image area are automatically generated for easy comprehension of sample distributions.
    The map view function lets you view specific image areas with the same ease of use as a Web based map search function.
Optimal condition setting assistance
  • The software helps you choose the optimal laser power, camera gain, and exposure time to enable clear images with a high S/N ratio and minimal photo bleaching. This includes a shutter management function that minimizes the amount of time that a specimen is illuminated by a laser.