Yokogawa CV1000™Applications and Images

Embryos Time-Lapse

  • Green: Spindle(EGFP- a-tubulin)
  • Red: Nucleus(H2B-mRFP1)

Following the injection of mouse embryos with mRNA, nearly 60,000 multicolor and multilayer confocal images of the embryos were acquired over a 70-hour period as they developed to the blastocyst stage.

Kazuo Yamagata, PhD., Wakayama Lab.(Laboratory for genomic Reprogramming), Center for Development Biology, RIKEN

Imaging Condition
Total Time 60 Hours
(2.5 days)
Z-Sections/Stack 51 Sections
(2um apart)
Imaging Positions 6 fields
(72 embryos)
Excitation 488nm, 561nm
Objective Lens 20x Oil