X-Light Evolve Spectra

Spinning Disk Confocal Imaging

The Crest CARV II™ confocal imager utilizes a Nipkow spinning disk containing multiple sets of spirally arranged pinholes placed in the image plane of the objective lens. The column of excitation light is projected through 1000 pinholes to simultaneously scan the entire field once every millisecond, thereby creating a full image of the focal plane in real time. Emitted light is collected and imaged using a high-resolution and high quantum efficiency CCD camera.

  • Adapts to most major upright and inverted fluorescence microscopes
  • Fully automated real time confocal allows fast, multidimensional imaging of up to five or more fluorescent probes
  • Laser and white light based imaging permits full spectrum (360–700 nm) confocal imaging
  • The 6D data acquisition, display, and navigation tools enables easy setup and quick assessment of large sets of data including multiwavelength 3D reconstructions, 4D images, and montages
  • Advanced image processing including deconvolution allows image enhancement to bring out the information vital to your analysis and professional presentations
  • Advanced threshold techniques automatically identify regions of interest for morphometric analysis, distribution analysis, intensity analysis, and counting objects within objects
Crest XLight™ Light Path

Crest CARVII™Laser LX


Laser Spinning Disk Confocal

Fill in your low light and high speed confocal applications with the new Crest CARV II™ LX Confocal Imager. The Crest CARV II™ LX combines both laser and white light illumination to satisfy a whole spectrum of wide field and confocal imaging applications.

  • Excitation light source combines Hg/metal halide lamp and up to 5 laser lines for ample power throughout the spectrum
  • 3-5 fold increase in signal-to-noise at selected wavelengths
  • Switch between wide field and confocal applications
  • Suited for low-light applications
  • Achieve fast confocal kinetic data

Laser Module Specifications

  • CARV-LX Laser 2 - 2 laser line combiner with FC fiber output
  • CARV-LX Laser 5 - 5 laser line combiner with FC fiber output
  • Laser lines
    • 405nm/200mW
    • 473nm/150mW
    • 561nm/100mW
    • 635nm/200mW