Crest CARVII™Applications and Images

Time lapse

Using any recommended imaging software and camera, time lapse imaging of cells or organisms can be performed for long periods of time without significant bleaching or phototoxicity. Depending on the speed of the cellular event being measured, and the installed Crest CARV II components, time lapse at a single plane or at multiple planes (4D) can be imaged.

Time lapse images at a single confocal plane of a sand dollar embryo during mid blastula stage (rhodamine-tubulin and Alexa® 488 phalloidin, Molecular Probes, Eugene, Oregon). Dr. George von Dassow, Bill Bement, Center for Cell Dynamics, Friday Harbor Labs, University of Washington, Friday Harbor, WA.

Time lapse images at a single plane of a nematode embryo going through the first cell division stage. GFP-tubulin, GFP-histone. Dr. Fabio Piano, NYU, New York, NY.