Technical Specifications for the Crest CARVII™ Confocal Imager
Confocal scannerNipkow spinning disk (pinholes)
Disk scan rate1000 scans per second
Pinhole diameter70 µm
Spectral transmission360–700 nm
Z-resolution0.5 µm (PSF); 100X PlanApo 1.4NA, 0.8 µm (PSF); 60X PlanApo 1.4NA
Illumination source120-W Hg/metal halide (1200 h) and up to 5 lasers
Internal excitation changerAutomated 8-position wheel (25 mm)
Internal dichroic changerAutomated 5-position wheel (25.7–36 mm)
Internal emission changerAutomated 8-position wheel (25 mm)
Filter sets providedDAPI, E-GFP, Texas Red®; (Semrock Inc., Rochester, New York, BrightLine™ series)
Operation modeAutomated confocal, wide field, bright field
ObservationDirect confocal binocular viewing or camera port
Detector compatibilityCCD camera – Sensicam EM, QE (Cooke); CoolSNAP™ HQ, Cascade 512B (Photometrics); ORCA ER, AG (Hamamatsu), and more
Microscope compatibilityMost infinity corrected fluorescence microscopes with 100% camera port
FRAPAperture control – touch pad or RS232
System controlTouch pad or Computer via RS232 interface
Software driversCrest IPLab™; Metamorph®, Image Pro, and others. RS232 command set also available.
Size11(w) x 15.5 (l) x 6(h) inches
27.94 (w) x 39.37 (l) x 15.24(h) cm
Weight14.5 lbs/6.6 kg
Power100–124 V AC/12 V DC
Crest CARVII™Z-resolution with Olympus objectives
ObjectiveTypeNAMediumMeasured PSF (microns)
40X Water DICPlan Apochromat1.15Water1.2
60X Water DICPlan Apochromat1.2Water1
60X Oil DICPlan Apochromat1.4Oil0.8
100X Oil DICPlan Fluorite1.3Oil0.6
100X Oil DICPlan Apochromat1.4Oil0.5