BIOZIP II MultiDimensional Slide/Plate Scanner
Observation Mode Brightfield, Phase Contrast, Epi-Fluorescence
Objective Lens Switching Motorized 4 Position Turret
Objectives 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x LD, 40x Oil, 60x Oil
(*See below for Objective Specifications)
Specimen Holders Single 1"x3" Slide, Quad 1"x3"Slide, 1"x3" Chambered Slide,
Multi-Well Format Plate (6/96/384 well), 25mm to 86mm Petri Dish
Motorized XY Stage Standard Travel: 114 mm x 75 mm (4" x 3"),
Extended Travel: Up to 300 mm x 300 mm (12" x 12")
Optional: Linear Encoders 0.05 um Resolution
Motorized Z Focus Drive Standard: Motorized Stepper 0.1um Resolution
Optional: Piezo-Objective or Stage 1nm Resoultion
(100um, 200um, 500um) travel
Optional: Linear Encoders 0.05 um Resolution
Illumination Source Solid State Technology Light Engine - Up to 7 Wavelengths
10 us Switch Times, 10,000 HR Life (MTBF)
Spectral Stability <0.5%, Output Stability <2% peak to peak
Fluorescence Emission Filters Pinkel or Sedat Multi-Channel Filter
Optional: Motorized 10 position filter wheel for custom filters
Digital Camera (User Specified)   Digital Output Pixel Size Sensor Type Sensor Area
Color 24/36 Bits 6.45 um Sony ICX285 1392 x 1040 pixels
Mono 8/14 Bits 6.45 um Sony ICX285 1392 x 1040 pixels
EMCCD 8/14 Bits 8 um TI TX285 1004 x 1002 pixels
Optional: Other Cameras available upon request
Camera Control Exposure, gain, offset, and gamma control
Automatic/Manual White Balance
Automatic/Manual Shading Correction
Acquisition Modes Single Image
Mosaic Tiling with Image Stitching for large area scans
Multiwavelength Imaging
Z-Stack for 3D Data
Time-lapse for live cell experiments
6-D Imaging (Tiling, Z-Stack, Multiwavelength, Timelapse)
Software Interface Stage and user defined pattern views
Point and click relocation to position or pattern field
Acquire multiple mosacis at different magnifications
Automatic FocusMulti-point predictive focus for continuous focus tracking
Predictive focus setup wizard
Digital camera autofocus using OASIS-DC1 module
Autofocus parameters stored separately for each objective lens
Image File Format TIF, BMP, JPG, JP2, AVI
Operating System Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Motorized Controller PCI or PCI express
PC Interface IEEE 1394b, 800 Mbit/sec
Size 24(W) x 18 (D) x 24(H) inches
60.96 (w) x 45.72 (l) x 60.96(h) cm
Power 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Warranty 12 Months
BioZipII Optional Equipment
XYZ Linear Encoders 0.05 Micron Resolution
Automated Slide Loader 200 Capacity Automated Slide Loader, 4 x 50 Slide Cassettes
Barcode Reader 1D or 2D Reader
Emission Filter Wheel 10 filter positions
Environmental Control Electric Stage Incubator with optional CO2 regulation
BioZip II Scannin Speeds

Brightfield/ Darkfield


15 x 15 mm slide (10X)  (1.0um/pix)

2 min

25 x 50 mm slide (10X)  (1.0um/pix) (entire slide)

9 min

15 x 15 mm slide (20X)  (0.5um/pix)

5 min

Fluorescence at 100ms Exposure Time


15x15mm 20X  (0.5um/pixel)  3 Channels

5 min

25 x 50 mm slide (10X)  (1.0um/pix) (entire slide)


96 well plate (10X ) 1 field of view (5 channel)

8 min

96 well plate (10X ) 2 field of view (1 channel)

4.5 min

BioZipII Objectives
ObjectiveTypeNAMedium Working Distance (mm)
4X Plan Fluor 0.13 Air 17
4X Apo Plan Apochromat 0.95 Air 13
10X Plan Fluor 0.30 Air 10
10X Apo Plan Apochromat 0.40 Air 3.1
20X Plan Fluor 0.50 Air 1.60
20X LWD Plan Fluor 0.40 Air 6.9
20X Apo Plan Apochromat 0.70 Air 0.65
20X Apo Oil Plan Apochromat 0.80 Oil .019
40X Plan Fluor 0.75 Air 0.51
40X LWD Plan Fluor 0.60 Air 2.6
40X Apo Plan Apochromat 0.85 Air 0.20
40X Apo Oil Plan Apochromat 0.5-1.00 Oil 0.12
60X LWD Plan Fluor 0.70 Air 1.7
60X Apo Plan Apochromat 0.90 Air 0.20
60X Apo W Plan Apochromat 1.20 Water 0.25
60X Apo Oil Plan Apochromat 1.4 Oil 0.15