BIOZIP II MultiDimensional Slide/Plate Scanner
Feature Benefit
High performance solid state light engines provide up to seven excitation wave lengths
  • Multi wavelength fluorescence imaging at very rapid speeds including brightfield and darkfield imaging
Choice of ether high resolution high QE monochrome CCD  or Bayer masked color CCD
  • Suited for live or fixed cell fluorescence applications and for color tissue section scanning
Automated four position objective turret with magnification options (4x, 10x, 20x, 40x LD, 40x (oil), 60x (oil) )
  • Automated low magnification  scanning followed by high resolution scan of selected regions of interest
Automated high precision XYZ control with predictive autofocus
  • Rapid scanning of multi-format samples including slides, multi-well plates, chamber slides and Petri dishes maintaining accurate focal plane
Configurable with a slide or plate loader and environmental control
  • High throughput slide or plate scanning and long term live cell imaging
Flexible configuration
  • Customize to accommodate the various application needs