BIOZIP II MultiDimensional Slide/Plate Scanner

MultiDimensional Scanning

The BioZip II is multi dimensional multi format image scanner with fluorescence, bright field and dark field imaging capabilities. A fast flexible bench top instrument combining solid state illumination, high precision XYZ control, cooled CCD detection, and flexible hardware and software configuration to accommodate various life science applications.

  • Multi wavelength fluorescence imaging at very rapid speeds including brightfield and darkfield imaging
  • Rapid scanning of multi-format samples including slides, multi-well plates, chamber slides and Petri dishes
  • Continuous Focus Tracking Using Predictive Focus
  • Configurable with a slide or plate loader and environmental control
  • High performance solid state light engines provide up to seven excitation wave lengths
  • Custom Configurable For High End Research Needs
BioZipII Automated Process

Scanning of brightfield and fluorescence slides is an automated process

Slide identified using bar code reader

Low mag. scan to identify sample positions

Image processing identifies sample from debris, background, edges, et.

Individual sample locations are identified

High mag. Optic is selected; grid coverage area is automatically mapped over each sample and scanned

BioZipII Scanning Speeds

A combination of high precision XYZ control, predictive autofocus,
rapid excitation wavelength switching and advanced software control
allows the system to scan samples at very fast rates compared to
conventional imaging microscopes.

Brightfield/ Darkfield


15 x 15 mm slide (10X)  (1.0um/pix)

2 min

25 x 50 mm slide (10X)  (1.0um/pix) (entire slide)

9 min

15 x 15 mm slide (20X)  (0.5um/pix)

5 min

Fluorescence at 100ms Exposure Times


15x15mm 20X  (0.5um/pixel)  3 Channels

5 min

25 x 50 mm slide (10X)  (1.0um/pix) (entire slide)


96 well plate (10X ) 1 field of view (5 channel)

8 min

96 well plate (10X ) 2 field of view (1 channel)

4.5 min