About BioImaging Solutions Inc.

BioImaging Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2002 with the goal of bringing imaging solutions to researchers in the academic, non-profit life sciences, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries throughout southern California. We believe imaging solutions should be tailored to fit the researcher's needs which require specialized pre-sales consultation, proper component selection and integration, timely equipment installation and excellent post-sales customer support. Our BioImaging team has over 75 yrs of microscopy-related experience. The organization has grown to be a reliable and accessible integrator of imaging systems customized for the end-user.

We built our company with a few key individuals along with the support of several great manufacturers who provide not only the best products and services, but also act as resources for us by continually adding to our expanding knowledge of camera technologies, image analysis software, peripheral automation, and confocals. In my years of service to the scientific community, beginning with academic research, then sales, and now as business owner, I have not seen a company quite like ours, and I'm proud to be the first to offer our services to anyone in search of a better way. If you're considering adding a digital imaging system to your lab or simply upgrading an existing system, call on us, we will do our best to help you.

We specialize in turn-key and customized microscope imaging systems and automation.  This includes digital cameras (Photometrics/Roper, Q-Imaging, Lumenera, Diagnostic Instruments, Cooke, Hamamatsu), software (Image-Pro Plus, MetaMorph, Streampix, and AutoQuant), automated stages (ASI, Ludl, & Prior), confocal solutions (Crest, Yokogawa), customized programming, and training/service. In our territory we are the exclusive dealer of the CARVII spinning disk confocal system. The CARV Light will be the core source for a family of confocal products from Crest. Recently we became the exclusive west coast dealer for the Yokogawa CV1000 Live Cell Voyager. This instrument represents the pinnacle of live cell imaging with its excellent long-term temperature regulation, dual pin hole Nipkow disk, and back-thinned EM ccd camera.

Over the last few years we have also developed our own products to meet the needs of our customers including the transportable fluorescence Field Microscope which allows for convenient travel by fitting into two small carrying cases. At Cell Biology meeting 2009 we released the BioZipII which is a rapid, multi-wavelength optical scanning system with expandable capabilities to support an automated 200 capacity slide loader system. Our DimScan product is a semi-automated fluorescence-based drug cytotoxicity screening device.  BioImaging Solutions has licensed the technology which has powered the DIMSCAN (Dr. Patrick Reynolds/CHLA) for the last decade. We have incorporated this technology into the newly designed BIS DimScan which we released last spring at the American Association for Cancer Research in Colorado (AACR 2009). DimScan is a semi-automatic digital image microscopy system for quantitating relative cell numbers in multi-well tissue culture plates (96 & 384) and correlates with colony forming assays.

BioImaging Solutions headquarters and manufacturing space is located in beautiful San Diego, California. Please visit us when you are in the neighborhood.

Rick B. Logemann
President - BioImaging Solutions, Inc.